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NOSHKONG is to food journalism what Dirk Nowitzki is to food journalism. Our blog addresses the hottest food trends, the coolest kitchen gadgets, and all the important news of the food and beverage industry while we get high in our Mom’s living room (she won’t be back for a couple of hours). We partner with a test kitchen that illegally operates in the basement of a Foot Locker to try recipes. We review restaurants that aren’t Red Lobster, but we review Red Lobsters, too. Simply put: We are the future of American food blogging until we suffer at the hands of a careless billionaire.

We began this thing in 2018 while having a nervous breakdown in a KMart. As we shouted out Beastie Boys lyrics and rubbed Cracker Jacks in our hair, it became clear that America needed another food blog. However, this is not a typical food blog that was started by some lady named Jenna who gets drunk on rosé and yells at the post office. And this is not a food blog where some doof named Eric posts selfies with his shirt off while making stir frys with hot sauce. No, this isn’t that type of food blog. Some might say this is a food blog satire, but others don’t know what satire is, so what can ya do?

Here’s what you can do: Crack open a Barq’s, dive into a bag of Ruffles, and enjoy the end of the world with NOSHKONG–a food blog. Kinda?

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