Rice, Beans Clash in Custody Battle

bowl of rice

In what’s becoming an ugly battle for full custody of their children, Rice and Beans continue to battle each other in court. The allegations flew from each side on Thursday at Food Court, located downtown. The proceedings have grabbed the attention of the public and the press, while friends and family of each side have struggled to maintain a low profile. 

By now it is widely known rice and beans endured a tumultuous divorce that included accusations of cheating and domestic violence, not to mention testimony from friends hot sauce, bell pepper, and garlic clove. Rice claims it was repeatedly taken advantage of as the starch in the relationship, while beans claim that they not only were the fiber that held everything together, but also the protein for strength. 

Rice and beans have been together for what seems like centuries with nary a problem…or so it seemed.

Rice and beans have been together for what seems like centuries with nary a problem…or so it seemed. The public began questioning the relationship when rice Tweeted 

“Some foods don’t make you uncontrollably fart. Know what I mean? #MusicalFruit”. 

Days later beans Tweeted the following:

“Some foods don’t go around pairing up with every protein that comes along.”

At this point, things went downhill. Many of beans’ peers came to their defense, while rice garnered the support of the public at large. Many of rice’s fans can be seen outside Food Court shouting their support and holding signs that read “Rice is Nice with Everything” and “Rice is not a Side Dish!” among others. 

A decision from the judge could come as early as today depending on evidence and closing arguments from rice and beans’ lawyers. The two are fighting for custody of their two children.

Whose side are YOU on? Comment below!


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