Taco Bell Will Introduce A Taco Supreme Smoothie Later This Fall

taco bell logo

We’ve come to know and love Taco Bell not just for its menu of cheese-glued meat origami, but for its constant need for validation in the name of innovation. They’ve introduced taco shells made of Doritos and eggs, scooping taco fix-ins right into your hands, even a themed resort for vacationers!

Not to outdo itself, Taco Bell is doing some really weird fuckin’ shit by introducing it’s latest menu item: “The Smootherito Supreme”, which as you guessed, is a fully blended smoothie featuring Taco Bell ingredients. The Smootherito Supreme will be available for a limited time only and is currently being served in test markets in Denver, Portland, and Orange County, California. 


“The Smootherito Supreme” is exactly what it sounds like — a fully blended smoothie featuring Taco Bell ingredients.


The Smootherito Supreme is the fast-food chain’s answer to the popularity of protein shakes and smoothies currently on the market. A spokesperson claims the smoothie is packed with 12 grams of protein (the equivalent of two hard-boiled eggs) and will look to reach consumers who lead an active lifestyle.

“So like, we were all vaping in Erin’s office one day because there wasn’t shit to do and the VP was out on vacation. Benny, out of nowhere, is like, ‘What if there was a way to hit the gym hard and then go to Taco Bell after without being weird about it?’ We were all immediately struck with inspiration, so before our boss came back from vacay, we had this in the works,” read the official statement from the company’s Director of Branding & Marketing. 

The Smootherito Supreme will consist of refried beans, sour cream, your choice of chicken or ground beef, nacho cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and your choice of Mild, Hot, Fire, or Diablo sauce. In some restaurants, the straw will be a crunchy tortilla shell that can be consumed after finishing the smoothie.


Comment below with your thoughts on the Smootherito Supreme!

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