The Cereal Jingle That Changed How We Think About Mental Health

sugar breakfast cereal 1970's

Like true crime, cereal jingles have become a morbid fascination in the spectrum of pop culture. 

In 1971, two copywriters from the G & H & Z & J & P ad agency penned a commercial jingle for a children’s breakfast cereal. It may have been low-level grunt work, but the pair of junior copywriters were ready for the assignment. What they didn’t anticipate, though, was the impact the jingle would have on pop culture, and just how fixated the public would become with other jingles like it.

The jingle was similar to any all others. Catchy notes supporting easy to sing lyrics:

When ya wake up in the mor-ning

And you wish that you were dead

Remember that there’s Sugar Dots

And you’ll get outta bed!

Sugar Dots, Sugar Dots–pour yourself a bowl!

Sugar Dots, Sugar Dots–time to fill your hole!


At the time, the jingle was seen as nothing more than a way to hawk cereal. And while it had its detractors, namely the Catholic Church and a slew of government officials, it also began to attract fans. Many were the children the cereal was aimed at, but many more were those who suffered from poor mental health.

Fast forward to the present day and the obsession with the jingle has become the launching pad for podcasts, TV shows, and NetFlix documentaries. Psychologists attribute the newfound fandom for cereal mascots to the idea that we live in an era of great awareness for not just mental health, but overall health.

Dr. Urine, author of the book “I’m a Fuckin’ Psychologist You Idiot”, states, “Much like true crime, there is a distance from the time the jingle was released, which allows an individual to give themselves permission to safely consume it. No one pines for a box of Sugar Dots necessarily, but they are curious about the power of the cereal’s jingle the same way they are curious about why Jeffrey Dahmer would want to kill and eat his victims. It’s actually kinda fucked up when you think about it.”

Sugar Dots have been discontinued since 1992. However, the jingle has since been remixed, re-released as a single, and, like many other horrific cereal jingles and mascots, has been the subject of numerous books, podcasts, and TV shows–all of which net high ratings.


Tell us how the Sugar Dots jingle makes you feel in the comments below!

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