Man Feels Validated After Obtaining Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich 

popeyes chicken sandwich las vegas journal review

The Popeye’s chicken sandwich swept the nation off their fat and hungry feet and now, you’d be hard-pressed to find one. Locations all over the U.S. rapidly sold out of the fried blob of cholesterol. Social media was a-buzz and the food blogiverse wasted no space in covering the mania. Many fans of Popeye’s were disappointed, to say the least. However, one man is feeling victorious. 

Roger Werewolf, of Phoenix, Arizona managed to snag a chicken sandwich on the first day they were available. He didn’t think much of it–only that the item was new to stores and that he was on his lunch break. As time began to pass, though, and news of the scarcity of sandwiches began making its rounds, Werewolf realized he was part of something bigger than himself. He understood the limits defined by destiny and the imposition of free will as it pertains to the self. In essence, Werewolf felt validated by a choice he made without any influence.

Roger realized he was part of something bigger than himself. He understood the limits defined by destiny and the imposition of free will as it pertains to the self. 

Roger Werewolf, by his own admission on Facebook, has led a “disappointing life” full of “the wrong decisions and harmful people” according to a seven paragraph post we only managed to read until the third paragraph. Life for Roger was seemingly predetermined, though. His father drank heavily and passed away when he was only 11 years old. His mother re-married a stepfather who everyone called “Ace”, but who never gave Roger the love he needed from a paternal figure. Roger’s grades in school were adequate and he never went to college. He was endlessly teased by peers for his large forehead and while he fancied himself a fairly intelligent individual, he never followed through on any of his plans for his own future. One might say Roger’s destiny was written…until he got his hands on one of those sandwiches…

Since learning that he was one of the select few to actually try the damn thing, Roger has enrolled in night classes for software engineering. He’s put his plumbing company up for sale with a line of bidders. He met a woman who loves to laugh at his jokes (and who also happens to work at Popeye’s!) Roger, by all accounts, has subjected himself to free will instead of submitting to what he considered his destiny. He has granted himself the freedom to do what is right for himself, thus validating his very existence in his own eyes. As for the Popeye’s chicken sandwich — we still can’t get our hands on one of those fuckin’ things!

Photo credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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