Lineup Announced for Tartar Sauce Fest 2019

tartar sauce festival

tartar sauce fest 2019 music festival poster


Tartar Sauce Fest is an annual celebration of the deranged 4th cousin of mayonnaise! It is a global appreciation for the world’s 8th best condiment and it is marked with music, art, TED Talks, magic, and a whole lot more! This year’s festivities will once again take place in Boston throughout the weekend of September 27 – 29. Tickets for individual days are available online, as are weekend passes. 

This year’s lineup is sure to have something for everyone. It may be subject to change, but so far, here’s who and what’s been confirmed to this publication:

Main Stage – Music

Hank Ass

5est 4 6istence

The Jan Tickle Brass Band


The Dongs

Captain Bass & the Fin Fuckers

Elianna Silence

Hoby Trixx/BeD-hEaD

Gut Ducks

Alan Dukane & the Hamilton TigerCats Choir

011011 Williams


The Lord

Dial Up Modems

The Radio Shack Murders


Joe Montana’s Vagina (DJ set)

Fettucine Kill-fredo

Lil’ Tit

Joanna Canada

Third Eye Blind


Second Stage – Music

dungaree zip blast

Burp Dillis & the Hype


Isaac the Why-Fye


Furring Intensity

I Taste Happy (DJ set)

Norman Democrat (DJ set)

Piano Cum (DJ set)

Doe Rito (DJ set)

Comedy Tent

Orf Hellmans


Ashi Barkorange

Bill White

The ADHD Sketch Comedy Wait What?

Hot Take Henry

Minnesota Book Club

Stephanie Super

Eloise Very

Bonk Hemmatomuss


Instagram Cafe

Scales & Tails


I Eat Now Yay!

Thelma’s Hammer Gulp

Coke & Rice

Fat Lou’s Meat Symphony

Tell us how much you’re looking forward to the fest in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Lineup Announced for Tartar Sauce Fest 2019

    1. We believe this year’s lineup is far and away the best one in the festivals history. We’re especially excited for Joe Montana’s Vagina, as anyone might be.


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