Nickelodeon Vineyards: Drink Wine Like a Kid!


Growing up is tough. The nostalgia of yesteryear crashes head on with today’s responsibilities. We all could use a good glass of wine to take us away–a wine that takes a bit of the edge off, that instills calm, but also makes us feel like a kid again, staying in on a Saturday night to watch Ren & Stimpy. Introducing Nickelodeon Vineyards, a finely curated line of wines inspired by your inner child, the one who grew up with Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, and Double Dare, among others.

Nickelodeon Vineyards is based right out of a backyard seized by the government in Winter Park, Florida, just a hop and a skip away from Orlando. Our grapes are cultivated year-round under the watchful eye of the guy who played “Ug” on Salute Your Shorts. Each variety is bursting with the same flavor of a puddle of slime surrounding the hottest teen stars of our youth.

We know you’ll love Nickelodeon Vineyards as much as you loved wearing braces at 12 years old. There’s Marc Summers’ Merlot–a rich, red wine with a full body that’ll make you feel like you’ve completed a dozen physical challenges the next morning. Or you may prefer the Clarissa Explains Chardonnay, a floral and summery wine that pairs well with your friend Sam who breaks into your house every night through your bedroom window. Also available are the Rugrats Rosé, the Chateau de Drake & Josh, the Fairly Odd Cabernet Sauvignon, and of course, Spongebob SquarePinot.

Growing up is a lot easier when you’re still allowed to like the things you did as a kid. Grow up and drink wine like a kid. Grow up with Nickelodeon Vineyards.


Nickelodeon Vineyards: Strongest Wine in the World!

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