5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Tickling a Salmon Filet

salmon fish

More and more chefs are employing the technique of ticking their food. The radical new approach was inspired by a young prodigy in some country that was on a show on The Discovery Channel.

Salmon, in particular, is a dish many chefs are employing the tickling technique for. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when doing so:

1. Tickle gently with your fingers, rather than vigorously massaging the salmon

No one appreciates a rigorous tickle, least of all a salmon filet. Never apply too much tension when tickling your fish. Softy use your fingertips to ensure a playful tickle rather than an overly aggressive one.

2. Don’t sneak up on the salmon before beginning to tickle it

This not only careless, but disrespectful to your salmon filet. You must earn your salmon’s trust, provide a comfortable environment for tickling, and then ease into the act. An alarming sneak attack might even get you banished from some culinary circles.

3. Try not to sing any songs when tickling

At the very most, a low volume hum is acceptable. Singing while tickling truly creates an atmosphere not conducive to tickling. Whether it’s the latest Arianna Grande hit or a classic like “Wind Beneath My Wings”, do your best to refrain from belting it out. Frankly, it’s a bit intrusive.

4. DO NOT brag to your spouse that you tickled a salmon

This would seem like common sense for most and yet, there are those who continue to do it. Your spouse does not want to hear about this. Remain at least a little humble after tickling a salmon filet.

5. DO NOT attempt to tickle more than one salmon filet at a time

There is too much that can go wrong here. One may get jealous of the other. Your fingers might cramp. It may escalate into something more emotional, but just as it does, you are broiling your salmon filet with lemon and better. Stay safe, and give your attention to one salmon fllet at a time.

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