Wendy’s To Begin Offering Furniture Made of Bacon

furniture made of bacon

Our love affair with bacon appears to have no end in sight. The Internet gave rise to a bacon revolution in the Aughts, one that glorified the breakfast meat as so much more than that, and fast food took notice. One hamburger chain, in particular, Wendy’s, will significantly up the ante this Fall, when they begin to offer furniture made of bacon.

At select locations, customers will have the opportunity to purchase coffee tables, armchairs, even 3-piece sofas, entirely made of bacon. The promotion is for a limited time only, though.


“Imagine, you can watch the game or binge your favorite show, and not have to move a muscle to retrieve a snack. You can bite the bacon couch you’re lounging on!”


A spokesman for Wendy’s indicated the decision to begin selling furniture made of bacon stemmed from consumer behavior. Citing a report, the spokesman commented, “Bacon and furniture are two of American consumers’ most prized purchases. We thought, why not combine the two for a truly one-of-a-kind experience? Imagine, you can watch the game or binge your favorite show, and not have to move a muscle to retrieve a snack. You can stay where you are and bite your bacon couch!”

The furniture will be sold unassembled, but Wendy’s promises to include easy to follow instructions. Once put together, the units will be lightweight, comfortable, and best of all, made of bacon. Units will be available in hickory smoked, peppered, or plain flavors and will be fully cooked, which means one less step for customers.

This venture by Wendy’s could pave the way for competitors to follow suit. There have been whispers of Burger King developing a bounce-house made of beef and Jamba Juice is ready to announce a collaboration with Toyota on a car that runs solely on their Razzmatazz smoothies.


Would you buy bacon furniture from Wendy’s? Let us know!


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