Woman Kicked Out of Cafe For Eating Lunch Instead of Instagramming It

instagram cafe

The rules at Austin’s Instagram Cafe are simple: order one of the many visually-appealing dishes on the menu, snap a photo, then post to Instagram, before paying your bill and vacating your seat for the next customer. Sharon Mafia begs to differ, though.

On a recent trip to the Instagram Cafe, which bills itself as the only dining establishment in the world exclusively for food pics, Ms. Mafia decided to do something unprecedented with her food. She decided to eat it.

Mafia entered the cafe at around 1:00 p.m. on a Wednesday, which in Austin is a bit after everyone wakes up and heads out for brunch. Once there, she pored over the menu, struggling to choose between the Shrimp ‘n Grits Fountain and the Unicorn Lasagna. Ultimately, she chose the Glitter Steak with Chocolate Mashed Potatoes. What happened next, though, defies the laws of the Instagram Cafe–and some might say modern dining altogether.

Sharon ate her lunch, before taking a picture of it.

According to witnesses, a server approached Ms. Sharon Mafia as she began to take her first bite of her Glitter Steak

“It was crazy,” said Ms. Mafia. “I had heard about this place and that they had all sorts of fun and wacky dishes that you can post to your Instagram, but I had no idea that choosing to actually eat my lunch was an offense on par with beating the shit out of an old lady. I mean, Goddamn, it’s a restaurant!”

According to witnesses, a server approached Ms. Mafia as she began to take her first bite of her Glitter Steak. The server, later identified as Richard Bowtie, aggressively questioned Ms. Mafia about her actions, while slapping a baton into the palm of his hand. When Ms. Mafia responded that she was simply eating what she ordered, Mr. Bowtie recited the rules of the cafe, then proceeded to take Ms. Mafia’s plate away. Ms. Mafia objected, and that’s when the manager was called over to remove her from the premises.

Police were not involved, but Ms. Mafia plans to file a lawsuit.

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