Food Blog Goes Meta with Boosted Facebook Post


NOSHKONG, the satirical food blog created by former MTV and SparkNotes blogger Ryan Gurian, decided to proactively attract readers today with a promoted post on Facebook. The decision to boost a post is right in line with the blog’s readership, which is mostly friends and family at this point.

By choosing to go meta, NOSHKONG is seeking to capitalize on a particular method of comedy that has risen in popularity recently. While the lines are blurred as to what can be considered meta or ironic, NOSHKONG is no doubt attempting to spread the word with an unconventional approach. And yet, another interpretation of this move is to seem clever, however desperate it comes off.

“The site is a satire of the food blogs I read on a daily basis. It’s kinda like if The Onion were crossed with Eater or Epicurious or Bon Appetit,” Gurian commented as he simultaneously patted himself on the back. “It just seemed like there was room for something like this. I see irreverent food blogs out there, ones that are funny or edgy, but I haven’t seen a satire of one.”

Gurian continued to talk about the site to a group of people who were miming the jerk-off motion, “And not to sound too pretentious, but the food blog aspect of the site is kinda like an entry point to something bigger. Yeah, I’m satirizing food blogs, but I’m also manifesting deeper, more profound bullshit using food trends and food news as microcosms for societal and existential crises.”

NOSHKONG hopes to encourage Facebook users to click to the site and share posts with others. Ultimately, NOSHKONG is about humor and satire and reacting to the mania surrounding food culture, but Gurian, currently single and without any children, is also hoping it validates him in some bizarre way.   

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