Dinnerables: The Adult Way to Eat Lunchables

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As a kid, you loved Lunchables. You looked forward to your lunchmeat, your snack, and your dessert in the school lunchroom, surrounded by your friends. Well, who says you need to be an adult? Boooooooring!

From Kevin Mayer, the brother-in-law of the guy who worked for the makers of Lunchables, comes…Dinnerables! It’s the same sectioned tray of goodies you knew as a child, but updated with treats to enjoy as a grown up who refuses to be held accountable for decisions. Fun!

Dinnerables can come along with you anywhere. Take one in the car when you’re late to pick up your kid because you need to “branch out” and “find yourself” at improv class! Bring one on your flight to New Orleans you booked to numb the pain of age! Or, simply keep a stack of Dinnerables in the home fridge as a stark reminder of your fear of exiting your comfort zone. Delicious!

Each Dinnerables is packed with food that vaguely resembles your childhood favorites, but with an added mention of protein. There’s cylindrical pink meat rods (for a nice protein boost!), smoked almond dust (for a nice boost of protein!), and real, 100% horsemilk cheese (for a swift kick in your dick of protein!). There is also a small bottle of whiskey or vodka.

Find Dinnerables in the supermarket deli section, or at participating retailers.

Dinnerables…The first good decision you’ve made in a long time, pal!

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