For One Day Only, Dunkin Donuts Will Let Customers Watch the Donuts Defrost

It’s a promotion unlike any other. Thousands of Dunkin’ Donuts will be participating and customers will have the opportunity of a lifetime. In the past, we heard “Time to Make the Donuts”, but today–the doughnuts are made, frozen, ready to ship, and thawed to perfection.

On Wednesday, August 8th, Dunkin’ Donuts will open its doors for loyal customers to watch the doughnuts defrost. Customers will be led back to the kitchen area, 5 at a time. They will walk past the jarringly orange walls, through swarms of flies, and into the linoleum lined floors of the Dunkin’ Donuts kitchen, where there are no ovens, fryers, or dough–just industrial racks containing sheets and sheets of frozen doughnuts!

There will be free coffee, live music, and in some locations, an opportunity to try Dunkin’ Donuts’ newest addition: a raspberry glazed cheesecake peanut butter Froot Loop twist.

Once there, customers will indulge in the spectacle of frozen doughnuts thawing to room temperature. It’ll be a sight to behold!

How long does it take for a jelly doughnut to fully defrost? Do the munchkins need to be broken apart with a chisel? Why is the frosting so luminous?

All of these questions and more will be answered on August 8th.


For your nearest participating Dunkin’ Donuts, please visit their website.


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