Dog Forks!™ The Only Way to Feed Your Dog.


Dogs — loyal companions, best friends, and lacking opposable thumbs. We love our dogs as much as dogs love us back, but when it’s mealtime? Our dogs are on their own. We slam a bowl of beef-flavored cornstarch pellets in front of them as if to say, “Have at it Sparky! I’ll just be in the other room, waiting for my dog to finish eating, so I can feel something again!”

Well, guess what? Those days are over.

Dog Forks!™ are for dog owners that truly love their dogs. It’s the first dining utensil designed specifically for a dogs mouth. They’re simple to use, made from eco-friendly materials, and are sure to bring you and your dog even closer than ever.

Cradle your dog in your arms like a baby, or simply stoop down to your pal’s face with your Dog Fork!™, and begin feeding him or her. For extra fun, make funny airplane noises and watch your dogs eyes follow your Dog Fork!™ They have no idea what’s happening! But they love you, and that’s what’s important.

Dog Forks!™ are 100% stainless steel, shipped right to your door, and ready to use right away. Some might even suggest that these are regular forks that we stole out of a box of silverware at Target, but those people are wrong. They’re not regular forks. They’re Dog Forks™!

Order one Dog Fork!™ for $8.99 (plus shipping) or order a set of Dog Forks!™ for all the little rascals in your life at the low price of $34.99 per set of 5.

You can put a cute sweater on your dog, or little booties, or name him something adorable like Hammington Puff Mouth of Tickleville. But are you directly feeding your dog with a Dog Fork!™? If you aren’t, then you don’t love your dog and are a terrible dog owner.

Dog Forks!™ It’s like feeding a baby (except it’s your dog!)

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