Eating Alone is the New Ayahuasca

Spiritual awakenings can measure anywhere between “I am tiny, yet vast” to “This tea fuckin’ tastes like shit!” Ayahuasca ceremonies have been at the forefront of those seeking to achieve inner peace and perspective. However, in remote valleys, and large cities around the nation, one method of awakening is really taking its practitioners by storm: Eating Alone.

While many practice Eating Alone it should be noted that most people dedicate hours of time perfecting it. In that regard, Eating Alone is vastly different from ayahuasca, where it is recommended to partake no more than twice in a lifetime. Some who practice Eating Alone will commit hours upon hours to mastering the technique in order to awaken something within themselves.

“I’ve been Eating Alone for years”, says Jeremy, age 37. “It really is an exercise in understanding who you are, how much you enjoy yourself, and how in the grand scheme of things, none of this really matters except to acknowledge that what you provide yourself in the way of spirituality is entirely up to–OH! Food’s here! Look at this! My grilled cheese came with curly fries and they gave me an onion ring, too!”

Eating Alone has its dissenters, too.

“Why would you ever want to eat food in public by yourself?” asked Amanda, age 44. When asked if Amanda would ever try Eating Alone she responded, “Never. Even if I’m physically by myself, Jesus Christ is always by my side. I think Eating Alone is a selfish act performed by those looking to destroy their own moral fiber.”

Ayahuasca has been known to summon inner demons to be directly confronted, in order to provide a broader perspective and, hopefully, offer more self-awareness and perspective on the world around them. This is sometimes accomplished with the help of a shaman, who is excluded from ingesting the tea so they may gently guide the experience.

Eating Alone is similar, except easier to accomplish because it’s legal, it’s more accessible, and while there’s no need for a shaman for guidance, it helps to have a chatty server willing to listen to your boring stories and look at your cat pictures.

“I’m seeing more and more people Eating Alone. It really is becoming more commonly accepted and by no means does it say you’re a lonely soul. If anything, it says you’ve achieved a level of comfort within yourself and that speaks to the spiritual awakening of practicing the technique,” says Darcy, a server at Table for One, a diner specifically for those who choose Eating Alone.

More and more of these establishments are popping up as more practitioners of Eating Alone begin to participate, proving that it may have staying power.


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